The development of technology is changing our lives and its impact in individuals continues to grow.

At St Francis School, we embrace the benefits of technology for all our pupils and staff.

However, there needs to be guidelines for using technology to protect pupils, staff and parents from the potential dangers of electronic communication i.e texting, emailing, the Internet and social networking sites.

Our comprehensive policy has the following sections:

1. E-Safety in school for pupils, parents and staff

1.1.   Aims for using technology.
1.2.   How do we control access to inappropriate material?
1.3.   Guidance for staff working with pupils using technology.
1.4.   Students on work replacement.
1.5.   Rules for pupils using technology.
1.6.   The school website
1.7.   Staff use of technology in school.

2. E-Safety at home for pupils, parents and staff

2.1.   Parents should consider
2.2.   Staff should consider
2.3.   Staff use of social networking sites

Click here to view the full E-Safety policy.

Link to thinkuknow e-safety advice.

Link to parents e-safety advice

Link to childnet.com e-safety advice for parents, games and resources

Link to Youtube for kids

Parental controls for Youtube

K9 Web Protection


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