Arrangements for Parent Visits

Parents and carers are very welcome to visit the school. Just telephone the school during office hours to make an appointment. 01329 845730.

Parents of pre-school children are encouraged to join the Early Years Class for “Together Time”. Please contact the team or look on the website for the next date. You are welcome to come with your child and to bring along anyone who also supports you.

Admissions Policy

Our school caters for children with severe and profound learning difficulties. Each of our children either has an individual statement of special educational needs or, in the case of the very young children, may be undergoing the process of assessment prior to being provided with the formal SEN statement.

Hampshire Local Authority is responsible for the maintenance of SEN Statements for all the children at St Francis School. As part of the statementing process parents will be provided with a list of appropriate schools in the area from which to choose. You are welcome to visit us to help you decide if you feel we are the right school for your child. However, the Local Authority makes the final decision about which school to name on each child’s statement.

All Boards of Governors are consulted annually about the Local Authority admissions criteria for the coming year. The Government has produced an Admissions Code of Practice offering practical guidance, which is used as an aid by all Local Authorities in determining policy.

Further information can be obtained from the school or directly from Hampshire County Council.

Prior to admission as part of the partnership and induction process parents are encouraged to visit school with their child and to receive a home visit from their child’s class teacher. All parents will be asked to complete an ‘admissions pack’ prior to their child starting school, to ensure the school has all the necessary information to make sure their child is safe and happy.

Post School Provision

For our pupils, their fourteenth birthday will mean the beginning of a new phase in their provision as we begin to consider their future needs as young adults and the range of adult services available to them post-19.

At your child’s Year 9 Annual Review a Transition Plan will be developed that will set out the priorities identified for your child through consultation with the student, parents, staff, care managers, social workers and specialist transition workers. Opportunities for access to local college courses, work experience and the most appropriate placement after St Francis will always be considered as part of our Transition Planning process. Some students and parents may choose for their child to leave school at 16.

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