Dear Parents/Carers,

This page has been created to provide you with the latest information during this unprecedented time. We have included any links that we feel may benefit you and they have been broken down into the following sections:

  1. Wellbeing Tip of the Day
  2. Latest Updates
  3. Newsletters
  4. Wellbeing
  5. Home Learning Links

We hope you all stay safe and well

Wellbeing Tip of the Day

List at least three things you’ve achieved this week.

2. Latest updates

19.04.2021 – Latest School Risk Assessment Version 29 Click Here

19.04.2021 – Latest Coronavirus Risk Assessment for Visitors Click Here

05.03.2021 – Letter to Parents and Carers Click Here

03.03.2021 – Latest School Risk Assessment Version 28 Click Here

26.02.2021 – Letter to Parents and Carers Click Here

25.02.2021 – I am coming back to school social story March 2021 Click Here

22.02.2021- Latest School Risk Assessment Version 27 Click Here

09.02.2021 – Letter to parents – Click Here

01.02.2021 – Latest School Risk Assessment Version 26 – Click Here

25.01.2021 – Latest remote learning information for parents and carers – Click Here

15.01.2021 – Latest School Risk Assessment Version 25 – Click Here

14.01.2021 – Letter to update parents – Click here

11.01.2021 – Coronavirus and your child – what you need to know – Click here

09.01.2021 – Latest School Risk Assessment Version 24 – Click Here

07.01.2021 – Letter to update parents – Click here

05.01.2021 – Letter regarding school closure – Click here

04.01.2021 – Letter regarding attending school – Click Here

02.12.2020 – Latest School Risk Assessment Version 22 – Click Here

17.07.2020 – Tips for Parents

05.06.2020 – Please see attached – Short Breaks Flyer

05.06.2020 – Here is a useful link to the NHS explaining what to do if you have symptoms and who can be tested.

22.05.2020 – Support for Parents Flyer

22.05.2020 – School Nursing Support documentation Chat Health 5-19 Parent Poster and Family Wellbeing Pack during COVID

22.05.2020 –  Family fund website offers grants to families raising disabled or seriously ill child and support with essential items

For all previous updates click on the following link Coronavirus Latest News Archive


3. Newsletters

Federation Newsletter 12.2.21

Federation Newsletter 29.1.21

Federation Newsletter 15.1.21


4. Wellbeing

Family Well Being Pack

Federation Wellbeing Policy January 2021

Federation Mental health Pledges

Week 16 – age up to 7 -Thrive activities for parents

Week 16 – age up to 11 – Thrive activities for parents


5.Home Learning Links

Safer Internet Day 9th February 2021

This week we are learning about keeping safe online. Please find below a parent information sheet about how to keep your child safe online as well as the resources required for home learning.

Safer Internet Day Parent Information

Safer Internet assembly

E-Safety Poster Template

Chicken Clicking Story

Chicken Clicking internet use


Mental Health Week 1st-5th February 2021

Please find below suggested activities for Mental Health Week 2021 these activities are for all pupils.

Mental Health Week Pupil activities

Adult Guidance – Mindfulness Doodling


Mental Health Awareness

Mindful minute brainbreak cards

Mindfulness Doodling sheets

Mindfulness powerpoint

PE brain break

Rainbow Mindfulness Art Step-by-Step Activity Sheet

Rainbow Mindfulness Art Step-by-Step PowerPoint

Senses mindfulness challenge cards

Sensory Brain Break Activity Cards

Story Massage

Story massage strokes

Things that make me happy

We are all different sensory story

Wellbeing challenge booklet

Mental Health Week Parents

Champion conversation cookbook



Week One (04-01-21)

Eagles home learning Jan 21

Eagles Basic Salt Dough

Eagles Georges-Marvellous-Medicine-Sensory-Story

Eagles Oranges and Lemons Playdough Recipe

Eagles Porridge Oats Playdough Recipe

Eagles Silly Putty Edible Sensory Recipe

Eagles Soft and Silky Playdough Recipe

Eagles Story massage strokes

Eagles Textured Aromatherapy Playdough Recipe

Eagles Treasure Island sensory

Eagles Story Massage

Flamingos Home Learning Jan 21

Flamingos Body Awareness Jan Wk2 

Eagles Citrus Scented Sensory Rice Recipe


Week Two (11-01-21)

Eagles week 2

Eagles Minibeasts story massage

Eagles Sensory scavenger hunt

Eagle Story massage strokes (2)


Week Three (18-01-21)

Flamingos Class- Dance- Week 3

Eagles Planner Week 3

Eagles Clink Clank Sound Sensory Bottle

Eagles Ding Dong Sound Sensory Bottle

Eagles Rustle, Rustle Sound Sensory Bottle

Eagles Sensory Bottle Eagles Story massage strokes

Eagles Tablespoon Chocolate Cake

Eagles Thud Thud Sensory Bottle

Eagles Wicked Sensory Story

Eagles Wicked Story Massage


Week Four (25-01-21)

Eagles week 4

A day at the circus sensory story

Arctic cloud dough recipe

Beat the Corona Virus blues

Maisy’s musical journey

Secret garden Story

Story massage strokes

We are all different sensory story

Flamingos Week 4

Georges Marvellous Medicine Sensory Story

Sensory scavenger hunt

Story Massage Minibeasts

Story massage strokes


Week Five (01-02-21)

Eagles Week 5

Calm down sensory jar

Emotions board game

Feed a Frog Sensory Bag

My Emotions Mood Monsters Sensory Bottle

Polar bear sensory story

Rainbow sensory bottle

Story massage strokes

Flamingos class Chinese New Year


Week Six (08/02/21)

Eagles Week 6

Eagles Love Story Massage

Eagles Chinese new year sensory story

Eagles Frozen Heart Activity Sheet

Eagles Make a paper lantern

Eagles Railway children sensory story

Eagles Seasons Sensory Sound Bottles

Eagles Seasons Sensory Trays

Eagles Spring roll recipe card

Eagles Story massage strokes

Eagles Valentine Sensory Bottle

Eagles Valentine Treasure Basket Ideas

Eagles Valentines biscuit recipe card

Flamingos Week 6

Flamingos Back to earth with a bump sensory story

Flamingos Calm down sensory jar

Flamingos Charlie and the Chocolate factory sensory story

Flamingos Love Story Massage

Flamingos Make a paper lantern

Flamingos My Emotions Mood Monsters Sensory Bottle

Flamingos My senses hearing

Flamingos My senses sight

Flamingos My senses smell

 Flamingos My senses taste

Flamingos my senses touch

Flamingos Rainbow sensory bottle

Flamingos Story massage strokes


Week Seven (22-02-21)

Flamingos Week 7

Eagles Week 7

Eagles Cautious caterpiller sensory story

Eagles Hard and soft concept sensory bag

Eagles People who help us sensory story

Eagles Shaving foam colour mixing sensory bag

Eagles Spring Flower Sensory Bottle

Eagles Spring hunt checklist

Eagles Spring sensory tray

Eagles Story massage strokes

Week Eight (01-03-21)

Flamingos week 8

Flamingos Story massage strokes

Flamingos Spring sensory tray

Flamingos Spring hunt checklist

Flamingos Spring Flower Sensory Bottle

Flamingos Shaving foam colour mixing sensory bag

Flamingos Cautious caterpiller sensory story

Flamingos Hard and soft concept sensory bag

Flamingos People who help us sensory story

Eagles Week 8

Eagles Bird Feeders

Eagles Blossom tree craft activity

Eagles Daffodil Template

Eagles Egg Box Daffodil Craft Instructions

Eagles Great fire of London sensory story

Eagles Let it Snow Sensory bottle

Eagles Rain cloud in a jar

Eagles Rainbow slime

Eagles Spring Sensory Bin

Eagles Weather Sensory Bottle


Primary Home Learning

Week One (04-01-21)

Robins Class Home Learning Week 1

Penguins Home Learning Jan 21


Week Two (11-01-21)

Robins Home Learning Week 2

Penguins Home Learning Information Jan 21


Week Three (18-01-21)

Robins Home Learning WB 18/01/21


Week Four (25-01-21)

Robins Home Learning


Week Five (01-02-21)

Robins Home Learning


Week Six (08-02-21)

Robins Home Learning Week 6


Week Seven (22-02-21)

Robins Week 7


Week Eight (01-03-21)

Robins Week 8


Secondary Home Learning:

Week One (04-01-21)

KS3 Home Learning Skylarks, Woodpeckers, Barn Owls

Music for Home Learning KS3

Barn Owls Home Learning Jan 21

January Kestrel KS4 Home learning

Woodpeckers ASDAN Home Learning Jan 21

Woodpeckers Home Learning Jan 21

Woodpeckers Story Jan 21

Woodpeckers Home Learning games and links

Skylarks parts of the body labelling

Skylarks – my body home learning

Skylarks Home learning


Week Two (11-01-21)

Woodpeckers Home Learning Week 2

Woodpeckers Recipe of the week – Pitta Pizza

Woodpeckers story Brown Bear, Brown Bear


Week Three (18-01-21)

Woodpeckers Home Learning WB 18.01.21

Skylarks Brush your teeth sequencing cards

Skylarks Home Learning 18th January

Skylarks making popcorn

Skylarks weather diary

Barn Owls week 3

Barn Owls Wicked Sensory Story

Barn Owl Chinese New Year

Barn Owls Charlie and the Chocolate factory sensory story

Barn Owls Keep Calm and Make Music – here comes Sally

Barn Owls Keep Calm and Make Music – Underwater

Barn Owls label animals

Barn Owls lLA hand wash

Barn Owls Number sentences

Barn Owls Sensory scavenger hunt

Barn Owls sequence animals

Barn Owls Shape sorting

Barn Owls Speech and language KS3 activities

Barn Owls Tablespoon Chocolate Cake

Kestrels week 3

Kestrels Animal Sequence

Kestrels Chocolate Cake

Kestrels Hand washing

Kestrels Inclusive challenges

Kestrels Martin Luther King Day

Kestrels Music – here comes Sally

Kestrels Music – Underwater

Kestrels Phonics Play

Kestrels Scavenger Hunt

Kestrels Shape Sorting 

Kestrels Time


Week Four (25-01-21)

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Story KS3

Skylark Home Learning week 4

Home Learning Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers Monkey Puzzle Story

Woodpeckers Shortbread Recipe

Woodpeckers Self Portrait

Barn Owls Home Learning week 4

Kestrels week 4

Kestrels Body percussion

Kestrels Float or sink

Kestrels Fruit salad addition

Kestrels Good samaritan sensory story

Kestrels Good samaritan sequencing cards

Kestrels PE Inclusive challenges

Kestrels Pencil control activities

Kestrels Tablespoon biscuit recipe

Kestrels Weight challenge

Kestrels What I want in a friend

Kestrels Winter themed maths pack

Kestrels Phonics Information

Phonics CVC Word practise

Phonics Tricky Word Practise


Week Five (01-02-21)

Barn Owls 3 Parts Border – Landscape P6 GRID

Barn Owls good and bad teeth

Barn Owls instruction sheet

Barn Owls instructions sequence

Barn Owls Music Makers – Federation fun(3)

Barn Owls Rainbow Fish

Barn Owls Trifle

Barn Owls Find the Number activity

Kestrels Week 5


Week Six (08-02-21)

Kestrels Week 6

Kestrels All About Valentines Day

Kestrels Coin Recognition Activity

Kestrels Pancake Menu

Kestrels Pancake Recipe

Kestrels Quarter Past Time Activity

Kestrels SAT Phonics activity

Kestrels Valentines Comprehension Symbols

Kestrels Valentines Comprehension Writing

Kestrels Valentines Light Bottle Craft

Kestrels Valentines Mobile Craft

Kestrels Valentines Number ordering

Kestrels Valentines Roll, Add & Colour

Kestrels Valentines Wreath Craft

Woodpeckers Home Learning Week 6

Barn Owls Home Learning Week 6

Skylarks Home Learning Week 6

PE Challenges Week 6

KS3 KS4 Chicken Clicking internet use

KS3 KS4 Chicken Clicking Story

KS3 KS4 PE Challenge

KS3 KS4 Poster Template

KS3 KS4 Safer Internet assembly

KS3 Pancake Recipe

KS3 Valentines Mobile Craft


Week Seven (22-02-21)

Woodpeckers Week 7

Skylarks Week 7

Barn Owls Week 7

KS3 Celebrating Chinese New Year

KS3 Chinese new year 2dshape

KS3 Chinese New Year Race Story

KS3 Chinese New Year Story

KS3 Dragon Cookies

KS3 Dragon Mask

KS3 Fireworks in a glass

KS3 Paper Lantern

Kestrels Week 7

Kestrels Chinese New Year Decorative Banners

Kestrels Chinese New Year Display Posters

Kestrels Chinese New Year Giant Decorative Banners

Kestrels Chinese New Year Greeting Cards

Kestrels Chinese Restaurant Display Banner

Kestrels Chinese Restaurant Display Lanterns

Kestrels Chinese Restaurant Display Posters

Kestrels Chinese Restaurant Menus

Kestrels Colour by number

Kestrels February Phonics Calendar

Kestrels Pancake day comprehension

Kestrels Pancake Recipe sequence cards

Kestrels Seasons Base Boards

Kestrels Seasons Cut Outs


Week Eight (01-03-21)

Woodpeckers week 8

Skylarks Week 8

Barn Owls Week 8

KS3 Bean counting

KS3 Jack Characters

KS3 Size ordering

KS3/4 Colours of the Rainbow music

KS3 Count fruit

KS3 Counting bulbs

KS3 Jack and the beanstalk story

KS3 Jack and the beanstalk

KS3 Design Golden Egg

Kestrels Week 8

Kestrels Animal Non Fiction Activity

Kestrels Animals Non Fiction

Kestrels Blossom tree craft activity

Kestrels Days of the week hand writing practice

Kestrels Draw and measure lines

Kestrels Make a music instrument

Kestrels Phonics Splat

Kestrels Splat Swatter

Kestrels Spring dot-to-dots

Kestrels Spring hunt checklist

Kestrels Spring park scene

Kestrels Spring themed counting

Kestrels Tricky Word Bingo

Kestrels Tricky word handwriting

Kestrels Weather affects our activities


Art – Pointillism

Telling the time – half past ‘clock

Telling the time – quarter past

Telling the time – quarter to

Meal Preparation for lunch and dinner lesson plan

PMLD timetable 

Clink Clank Sound Sensory Bottle


Cooking – Cupcakes

cooking instructions

cooking symbols

Counting down from 5 songs

Counting up to 5 songs

Creating Musical Sounds with Kitchen Equipment

Cupcake recipe

English – Sensory Story

Hand Function Activities

ICT apps

Mark Making Activities

Maths – Counting

order cooking


JUNGLE BOOK – Sensory Story

Shaving Foam art

Sitting by my Window Massage Story

Soft and Silky Playdough Recipe

Story massage strokes

Symbols 1 – 10 symbols

TACPAC instuctions

Tin Can Skittles

Under the Sea exploration


Week Three (18-01-21)

SLD timetable 18.1.21


Cauliflower cheese recipe

Counting to 5

Counting to 10

Counting to 20

dinner plates


Giacometti inspired tin foil sculptures

Healthy Eating

Make Your Own Pattern

Maths – snack money.docx

Meal Preparation – Food storage lesson plan.docx

money labels

Quiche recipe

Repeating Patterns

See the world through a character’s eyes  

symbols – food storage

Tabby Mc Tat Power Point Story Massage

Telling the time – half past

Telling the time o’clock

Telling the time – quarter past

Telling the time – quarter to

The ten Story Massage Movements

Vegetable puff recipe

Writing a letter to a friend


Week Four (25-01-21)

SLD timetable – 25.01.21

2D shapes symbols

Before cooking

Bubble wrap art

Symbols for bubble wrap art

Cheese wrap recipe

Colouring Shapes

Creating Musical Sounds with Kitchen Equipment

symbols for kitchen equipment & music.ipdoc

Getting ready to cook instructions

Getting ready to cook order

How to make pizza

Ingredients symbols


Joe Wicks Work out

Joe Wicks 8 Minute workout


Listen & do lesson plan

Listen and Do 1 – Four Word Level

Listen and Do 1 – Three Word Level

Listen and Do 1 – Two Word Level

Making pizza lesson plan

Meal Preparation – Preparing a cold drink lesson plan

Preparing a cold drink symbols


Sandwich making lesson plan

Sandwich making Sight words

Snow Fluff – Sensory & SLD

The Pieces of me

Transport I spy lesson plan

Transport I spy

Using a camera

Veg curry recipe

Vegetable curry lesson plan

PMLD timetable

Bubble Wrap art

Choose an Instrument

Counting down from 5 songs

Counting up to 5 songs

Down in the JUNGLE massage story

Flapjack recipe

Flapjack symbols

Hand Function Activities

ICT apps


Lyles’s Golden Syrup Flapjack

Maths – Counting  


Room on the Broom Sensory Story

Splashy Sound Sensory Bottle

1-10 symbols

Tin Can Skittles


Week Five (01-02-21)


PMLD timetable 01.02.2021

Bubble wrap art

Easy white bread recipe – BBC Good Food

Giacometti inspired tin foil sculptures

Hand Function Activities

ICT apps


Mark Making Activities

order instructions

Sensory beach lesson

SNOW FLUFF – Sensory & SLD

Story Massage

Cooking symbols

The Snake in the Jungle Massage Story

Thud Thud Sound Sensory Bottle


SLD timetable – 01.02.21

5 Senses activity

Cube net printable

Dance from other cultures

Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich Recipe

Emotions activity

English pirates writing

Fairtrade Fortnight Lemonade Recipe

High Frequency Word Practise

Hot Chocolate Sequencing

Hot drink symbols


Letters of the alphabet

Life Skills Curriculum – Baking a cake

Make your own sensory cube instructions

Making a rain gauge


Maths – Matching Socks Activity

Meal Preparation – Preparing a hot drink lesson plan

Chocolate Cake recipe

Scenario questions

Scene Boards

symbols for ingredients

Sandwich symbols


Week Six (08-02-21)


PMLD timetable 08.02.2021

Circus activity

Easy Jam Tarts Recipe

Edible Chocolate Playdough

Jam Tart Recipe

Jam Tart Symbols

Painting on tin foil


The Enormous Crocodile Sensory Story

Under The Sea Massage Story


SLD timetable – 08.02.21

2D Shape Sort activity

Adult Guidance – Mindfulness Doodling

Cake for birds

CVCC Words activity

CVCC Words Activity 2

 Floating & sinking

Food Group Sorting activity

Food Groups Photos

Household Chores Game

Household object multiple choice

Internet Safety Privacy Sheet

Internet Safety Wordsearch

Maths Challenge Cards

Number Bonds to 10

PE brain break

Phase 2 Reading Comprehension

Rainbow Fruit Skewer Recipe

Rainbow Fruit Skewer Symbols

Rainbow Mindfulness Art Step-by-Step Activity Sheet

Rainbow Mindfulness Art Step-by-Step PowerPoint

Repeating Pattern Scarves

Staying Safe on the Internet

Wellbeing challenge booklet


Week Seven (22-02-21)


PMLD timetable 22.02.2021

Choose an Instrument

Colour Explosion Sensory Bottle

Counting down from 5 songs

Counting up to 5 songs

Hand Function Activities

Make your own sensory cube

Mark Making Activities

Maths – Counting

Rainbow Noodles Edible Sensory Recipe

TACPAC instuctions

The Best Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe by Tasty

The Circus comes to town massage story

Art – Crayon Resist

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Choose an Instrument



SLD timetable – 22.02.21

Asking questions

Chicken Clicking internet use

Chicken Clicking Story

Colour mixing

Duck feathers Experiment

Duck Template

Feelings activity

Household chores – instructions

Instructions – prepositions

Laundry sequencing

Little ghosts song

Making your bed instructions

Months activity

Preposition activity

Preposition filling blanks activity

Preposition word mat


Prompt Card duck feathers experiment

Recycling Challenge

Recycling symbols

right & wrong symbols

Right and Wrong

Size ordering instructions

Washing up sequencing


Week Eight (01-03-21)


PMLD timetable 01.03.2021

Colours of the Rainbow Story Massage


Cooking symbols

Creating Musical Sounds with Kitchen Equipment

Hand Function Activities

jam tart recipe

jam tart symbols

Jam tarts recipe – BBC Food

Jungle Print Marbling

Marshmallow slime

Science – Growing Plants

Shaving Foam art

symbols 1 – 10

symbols for growing plants

TACPAC instuctions

Tin Can Skittles


SLD timetable – 01.03.21

0-10 number line activity

1 more 1 less instructions


Bubbles of gratitude

Crayon Resist Fish

Design your own gingerbread man

Getting ready in the morning

Ginger bread pencil control

Gingerbread man cut and stick activity

Gingerbread man sequencing

Gingerbread man story

Gingerbread recipe

How to Make Gingerbread Booklet


Music instructions

Number line

One more one less activity dinos

One more one less activity

One more one less cars

Pets matching activity

Pets pattern activity

Pictures of accidents

Safe and unsafe activity

Technology in the home activity

What does my pet need

What does my pet need activity



Balloon Cake Pop Recipe

Bear on Toast Recipe

Caterpillar Salad Recipe

Crunchy Rainbow

Pasta Salad Recipe



UNICEF article 7

UNICEF Article 12

UNICEF article 24


For lots more home learning ideas click on the following link Home Learning Links

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