Federation Executive Head Teacher: Rachel Weldon                         

Head of School: Fiona Proffitt  


Assistant Head Teacher: Imogen Sanpanid           

Assistant Head Teacher: Louise Park                    


Finance Officer: Vanessa Thompson                      

Administration Assistant (Temporary): Deborah Daw     

Administration Assistant: Nikki Steel

ICT Manager: Barrie Isaac                                              

Caretaker: Jessika Bennett

Site Project Manager: Peter Reeves                      

Additional Therapy Support: Alison Stratford

Hydrotherapy Support: Karen Westbrook

School Nurse: Tracey Higgs     



Primary: Early Years / KS1 / KS2

Penguins: Tori Robertson (Key Stage Leader)  / Rosie Grundy

Robins: Nicole Onyekwere


Secondary: KS3

Barn Owls: Marie Mullins (Key Stage Leader)

Flamingos: Kate Satherley

Skylarks: Beth Hunt

Woodpeckers: Terri Griffin


Secondary: KS4

Eagles: Mary Bruley (Key Stage Leader)

Kestrels: Tracy Bater

Falcons: Stuart Petrie


Jo Collett House

Callie Condon (Head of Post 16)

Emma Leuilette

Louise Park


Teachers on Maternity Leave

Zoe Metherell

Verity Pilot


Learning Support Assistants

Ali Anderson

Joy Annison

Charlett Bale

Jai Barber

Gina Clarke

Nicola Crane

Ella Daglish  

Sam Fisher

Angie Ford

Janice Frost

Lucy Fox

Nicola Hughes

Alex Le Page

Julia Lowbridge      

Debbie Keen

Lynda Kennedy                    

Margaret Laing       

Debbie Macey (SHIP)

Cathy Martin

Jacqui Morffew       

Sonja Nolan

Kate Parker

Sue Parker

Susanne Plummer

Lorna Remnant      

Loraine Reid 

Kerry Rule

Chelsea Rustell      

Rebecca Sandy

Helen Shawyer

Trish Smith

Vicky Smith

Mary Tutt

Clare Waldron

Gill Waite

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants

Vanessa Rigby – Supervisor

Kerry Bates

Helen Cummings

Claire Donavan

Vanessa Fagan

Claire Hoyle

Melanie Rixon-Cambell

Caroline Stoyles

Csilla Szeker

Clare Thomas

Michelle Tindale

Ruth Wilson

Natalie Young


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